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 About Me 


Hey, my name is Hannah, I’m 31, born on March 3rd 1991 in Miami, Florida.

My family moved to Weston, Florida in 1993. I attended middle and high school in Weston. I went on to graduate from Nova South Eastern University with a major in Communications Studies.


When I was younger I

was very active in most sports, including, flag football, soccer, basketball, gymnastics, and was a competitive cheerleader for many years. I also ran track in middle and high school. It was said by many that I’d rather be playing football instead of cheering for it!


              Today you can find me fishing both in salt and fresh water.

I don’t only just model with the fish, I actually catch them. I tie my infamous “Hannah” knot and bait my own hooks!  Another passion of mine is going into the Everglades or into the woods to hunt with a bow or a gun...can’t forget about “mudding”, the dirtier the better.


                      I love music, mostly country, hip hop, Techno, and old school 90’s.

I can’t sit still when I hear music...up on my feet I go. My favorite color is purple and I’m obsessed with Unicorns.


I stay in shape by exercising daily, usually going for a run or brisk walk with the dogs.


    I have two dogs, one male named Desoto and a female named Elsa,

they are both Doberman Pinschers. I also have a pet Pig named Bubba, that was suppose to be miniature, but he’s not so mini anymore and that recently Passed away.  


On my days off you’ll find me fishing, shopping, or sleeping the day away.

I love to laugh and smile and just have a good time with my close



As most everyone knows, I’m very outgoing, happy most of the time, and really fun to hang out with.

I guess you can say I’m The Life Of The Party...

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